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Android App Reviews and Ratings are key factors in attracting new users. Positive reviews and ratings will encourage your app users to download your android app. According to the survey, Android users will install apps on their phones if they read positive reviews on the app in Google Play Store. If you want to promote your Android app on Google Play Store, it is a good idea to get positive reviews and ratings.

Before users install your app, reviews are a key factor in attracting them. Apps with positive reviews are more likely to be trusted. Users will not download your app if your app has less than 3 stars and negative reviews. This can have a negative impact on your app rankings.

Simply put positive reviews that indicate the app is more reliable, authentic, and trustworthy. This will increase your organic app downloads, as well as improve your overall Google Play Store rankings.

The Google Play Store states that the Google Play Console allows you to see:

  • The total number received ratings
  • Based on each rating, the overall rating
  • Compare your app's rating with that of a competitor's app.
  • You can also view your previous season ratings.
  • Failing to rate your app based on various factors such as location, device, and language.

How can you get more positive reviews and ratings on Android App?

Two main methods to increase positive reviews are:


  • It can be a lengthy process, and it can be difficult to achieve the results you desire.
  • Ask your family and friends to rate your app.
  • To review your app, you can add an in-app popup CTA. It will take less than a minute.


  • If you can compare the app in an organic manner, it is much faster to get more reviews in a shorter time.
  • You will also get as many positive comments as you like. All you have to do is order, and you'll get exactly what you need.
  • You can also request custom reviews.
  • Your android app's overall ranking will be improved in a much shorter time.

There are advantages and disadvantages to having bad or good reviews.


  • App reviews are checked before downloading an app to their mobile devices. An app with higher ratings and more positive reviews will be more popular.
  • Attracts more audience.
  • Positive reviews are more reliable and encourage users to download your app on their smartphones.
  • This helps your app rank higher in keyword searches results and improves its overall ranking.


  • Negative reviews and bad ratings can harm your app's overall ranking.
  • Your chances of being found in search results for your app will drop if you have more negative reviews.
  • Android users won't trust your app, so users might think twice about installing it.
  • This will reduce the time and money you spend developing your app.
  • The list goes on.

There are currently more than a 2.87million apps available on Google Play Store. If you don't promote and market your app, you will face very stiff competition for ranking your android apps in search results.

Android Ratings and Installs you will get with Android App Reviews

You automatically receive ratings and installs when you buy Android App Reviews. This is because you may be aware that an app can't be rated without being installed. Also, an app can't be reviewed without being rated. The flow is as follows: Install + Open + Rate and Review

We are proud to offer top-quality and guaranteed results if you follow the best practices. Otherwise, the Google moderation bot could block/delete ratings/reviews. Very high app reviews. The review must be informative and reliable. An application review of premium quality must have enough information to persuade an individual to download it. Our digital marketplace offers premium app reviews.

You can expect that reviews of Android apps will be written after a little bit of automated research. However, reviews are pulled from the database randomly. Or you can provide your own review text. The team does extensive research before writing reviews. This ensures that the result is reliable and trustable. Our experts are very skilled in writing opinions and we are pleased. Our services are not of low quality. Let's take a look at Google Play Store. It is completely open to all users so that everyone can create, upload, or download something. After you've uploaded an application to Google Market, it is reviewed and graded by those who have downloaded it. Our app marketing campaigns can help boost your app's ranking and visibility.

This is how you can make your application more visible and get positive reviews. Your reviews will influence how many people download your application. This increases the program's rank, which in turn leads to more app downloads. Developers also get profits, which can help you achieve the success that you desire. Get Google Play Reviews to Stand Out from the Crowd. It is true that more than 2,000,000 applications are downloaded each month from Google Play Store. This number continues to grow every day. This number continues to grow. We offer detailed reports and statistics. This is why you should buy App Reviews for Android. We get our reviews from actual users and devices. According to the latest statistics, more than 1.5 Million apps are on Google Play Market. It is used by the majority of developers. Android is therefore the most popular Smartphone OS in the world.

To get high rankings in Google Play Store, it makes sense to buy Android App Reviews. App Store Optimization is a big deal. Play Store reviews are crucial. Are you looking to buy iOS reviews? Our Digital Services Marketplace => offers iOS App Reviews.

Why should you buy Play Store Reviews and Ratings (Android)?

Every Android user is very attentive to the ratings and reviews of the app she or he downloads. App promotion is made possible by ratings and reviews. SMM Divine offers the opportunity to buy Android Reviews. We also support custom text reviews. This is in accordance with Google's policies. You can submit your own text reviews and other users will review the text. This gives you complete control over the review's context. You can control the keywords, and you can add your keywords to the review text to help your app rank higher in Google Play Store.

Frequently asked questions:

What are the Android App Reviews?

We offer a network with offer walls, rewarded users, and social exchange portals. Real users can either write reviews on your app or exchange reviews on your behalf with developers at different review exchange portals like Facebook groups.

Do you support custom review text?

Yes, we can support custom review text. However, you might need to contact our support team to confirm the availability.

What is the process?

Our network includes offerwalls and rewards users who are willing to do any task, such as installing an Android app from Google Play Store or writing a review about it. In exchange for incentives or rewards.

Are Play Store Reviews for Android Really Helpful?

Research shows that 90% of Android users review and rate the app before installing it on Google Play Store. If there are positive reviews, users will be more inclined to download your app and increase your downloads.

Are Android Reviews real or fake?

We deliver real Android reviews using real devices and IPs. We cannot guarantee the retention of these reviews for self-service service as Google can block, delete, hide or conceal some of them due to their strict moderation policy. On request, we can provide managed ratings and reviews services with a guarantee.

What are the Android Reviews?

There are offerwalls, publishers, and traffic partners that allow real users to review your app (in the case of incent campaign reviews) or your creatives are displayed on media inventories. Users tap and review your app from their natural interest (in the case of non-incent campaign reviews).

How Android Reviews can boost your ranking?

Your app's ranking in the Google Play Store is affected by your reviews. Google uses AI to analyze the number of reviews. Google uses AI to analyze reviews to determine which apps are trending and getting the most reviews. Google will also notice if an app receives a lot of reviews within a short time and it will jump you up in the Top charts. This is a crucial ranking signal for Play Store algorithms.

What is the Android Review Campaign?

Our Android marketing campaigns can help you gain a lot of benefits by obtaining both cost-effective and high-engaging reviews for your Android app. We create targeted engagement campaigns and drive reviews. Your app will rank at the top of Google Play Store while you receive high-quality organic reviews and engagements.

What is the pricing process at SMMDIVINE?

We offer pricing and budget systems. You can get 1000 conversions for $100 if your budget is $100.

Can I cancel at any time?

You can end the campaign at any time. However, we appreciate your feedback.

Are you able to offer discounts?

You can get an additional bonus for large deposits. To discuss this, please contact support or your account manager.

What is your policy regarding refunds?

Refunds are available according to our policy. Our goal is to build relationships with clients and the community.

Is SMMDIVINE really secure?

SMMDIVINE's data security is our top priority. This is a critical part of ensuring the project's success.

Credits are available to my team. What can we do with them?

Sign up now for your campaign plan. Here is where we gather, have a cup of coffee, and start to dial in the details.

Why should I buy Play Store Reviews (Android)?

First impression matters. An Android App or Game that has a lot of ratings and reviews attracts more people to rate it. Promote your Android App Today!

Are Android Reviews Safe?

We have never had any complaints or problems from customers. You can assume that self-service is risk-free, but we cannot guarantee it. We also offer high-quality reviews and rating services with a guarantee as managed service. This service is only available to those who request it.

What is the time it takes to get started with delivery?

After you have created the campaign for Android Reviews, we immediately start the campaign. You won't be disappointed.

Can I be banned from buying Android reviews?

You won't. Millions of people use social media marketing agencies for Android reviews and to rank higher on Google Play Store.

Where are the Reviews from?

We have a network that includes publishers, offerwalls, and partners. The Reviews will come from different networks, where we will promote your Android app.

Can I buy reviews for multiple apps?

Yes, you can create multiple campaigns from your dashboard for different apps within your budget.

What are your options for buying?

We accept credit cards, cryptocurrency, PayPal, and Cryptocurrency.

Take a Discount on Large Campaigns

Absolutely! You will get special rates if you buy more and deposit a larger amount. Captain, get in touch!

Are you offering a free trial for Android Reviews?

It is not. We have campaigns with super low bids that are perfect for testing the services.

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